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  • Tuấn Khoa
    Tuấn Khoa

    a few messages through this mv: 1. 1:37 she was famous with a TV character named "Vang Anh"- Oriole in 2006, then there was a scandal about her private life which destroyed her career completely, no one wanted her to be seen on TV anymore. 2. 1:53 this is The Werewolves of Millers Hollow game. That implies her friend's betrayal. 3. 2:13 this is tinder ( social networking site) 4. 2:44 boyfriend's betrayal 5. 3:05 on the left this is "Khá Bảnh'' ( I really really hate him because he is a criminal but there are many young ''fans'' in Vietnam) On the right this is a seller online 6. 4:20 this is Quỳnh Trần and her baby. she is a famous youtuber recently. 7: 6:24 sarcasm s I took time from your video. i'm vietnamese so my english is not good -_-

    • Nhi Lê Thái
      Nhi Lê Thái

      @David Elijah Piersaul By the way, for your concern about her costumes in this video. you can check in this web: yeah1.com/style/tiet-lo-thu-vi-ve-trang-phuc-cua-hoang-thuy-linh-trong-mv-duyen-am-ket-hop-hang-hieu-va-do-dan-toc-cuc-kheo-leo-vYV52owEjm.html

    • Jennie

      Thank u she did put many social trends and hot issues in her previous successful MV "De Mi noi cho ma nghe"too wish there was sb like u to list it like this. I must say that her products are always so inclusive of so many meaningful things, it would take so long to disect, the brilliant music and art abt culture, the women's struggles in society, the social trends and issues in her recent MVs, her positive messages, like this MV she tells the struggles but end it on a happy note, where she laughs with the betrayals, she forgives them . Am actually glad there was a sponsor for this MV cuz this song was already released shes doing this for ppl and we know how expensive it is to do high quality MVs, she put the ad in excellently. HTL deserves so much more respect for wht shes doing,some bastards still mock her but I want her success to slap in their face, I hope she will reach even higher in the future

    • sa sa
      sa sa

      đúng chỉ có người việt mới hiểu đc chuyện này

    • Trịnh Hoàng Hà
      Trịnh Hoàng Hà

      the costume she wear in pubg scenery inspired from phoenix/revival from death, and she wrote a book named "from oriole to phoenix" about how that scandal distroyed her life. however, she accepts the challenge and turn back to top singer in Vietnam. her products ussually on top trending in vietnam youtube, so does this music video even it is advertising for pubg. respect

    • Trịnh Hoàng Hà
      Trịnh Hoàng Hà

      adđitional, the last scenery when she let the bird fly away is the most valuable. it means she get the freedom now like the bird (oriole/vang anh in Vietnamese/same with the name of series film she was in when she got the scandal). a fun fact that she was the valedictorian at collage in director major

  • le su
    le su

    luôn với phong cách rất cool . a cup of tea

  • Hữu Nam
    Hữu Nam

    Pls reaction this dance cover and the way they film as a director. visoft.info/hd/video/2mqSmZzdXa7VqHQ

  • Phong Nguyễn
    Phong Nguyễn

    I’m Gonna break - Hoàng Thuỳ Linh. Pls

  • Lá Nguyễn Lộc
    Lá Nguyễn Lộc

    Your video is great except for the fact that you cut too many parts and stop the video too much, which makes viewers uncomfortable

  • Hoài Thư
    Hoài Thư

    Tứ phủ plzzzz

  • Amy Amy
    Amy Amy


  • Winnee

    The MV now has the English translation, you can check it. However, there are many Vietnamese slangs and traditional idioms that only Vietnamese can have the feeling of them in the lyrics and they are not translated. My English is not very good so I can only tell you a little bit about the meaning of the lyrics: - The song's title "Duyên âm": When a person can not have a long romantic relationship, maybe he/she has a "duyên âm". It means, in the previous life he/she had a romantic relationship but in this life that lover is still a ghost. That ghost want to maintain the romantic relationship with him/her so that ghost make him/her can not love anybody else. "Duyên âm" is that kind of relationship. - The song's lyrics is a little bit different. It tells the story of a girl who is loved by the man (not the ghost) she doesn't love, even when she's already got married. The lyrics is how she tell that man to go away. - And the MV is completely unrelated to the lyrics :D It tells the difficulties in Hoang Thuy Linh's life with the very positive way

  • Trâm Anh Hoàng
    Trâm Anh Hoàng

    Well it not simply advertise pubg but this mv talks about some hot trend in vietnam such as pubg , mukbang , tinder , etc . This mv also talk about her life and prove her attempt to pass the scandal to become famous , loved again . And u can watch others like : " De mi noi cho ma nghe " or " Lam gi phai hot" these songs also interesting , especially hoang thuy linh in these videos are really really beautifulllll

  • William Henrique
    William Henrique

    Just subscribed, bro! Keep doing V-pop reactions please

  • Hai Tran Thi
    Hai Tran Thi

    Do you is hoang thuy linh fan?? Like : if you do Comment : if you do not

  • NAT Huynh
    NAT Huynh

    “Duyên âm” means bad predestinated. It reflects her life. You’re right when you see that the video looks dark but so funny. And after done, we fill like it’s not just 4min. At the first of video, you can see a book appear just in second. On the book cover, you see a yellow bird. Then the book opens, and we can see only one information is 2006. That bird is called “Vang Anh” in Vietnamese. As people comment below, you would know what it is. Then you see when she go inside a small camp then suddenly change her outfit. That’s time travel from present to 2006. When you see her friends pointing their finger to her face while she closing eyes. She using the board game called “werewolves of millers hollow” to say about betrayers who post her sexual clip on social media and destroy her life. There still many things on the video. I couldn't point out all. But at the end, when the pubg box drop and she appears with a red dress. It’s not a normal image, that’s a deep implication. She acts and dances with the red dress like a Phoenix (called Phượng Hoàng in Vietnamese). In vietnamese tradition, Dragon stands for the King and Phoenix stands for the Queen. Like a message “I was just a small yellow bird which innocent, weak, easy to fall down. And look at me now, I’ve become a Phoenix which big, strong, brave, and powered”.

  • Tú Yên
    Tú Yên

    Reaction Canh BA - Nguyễn Trần Trung Quân đi ạ

  • muối bỏ biển
    muối bỏ biển

    Đụ-m đưg thă-g-nào đă-g li-k vàng a-h nha

  • Vội vàng TV
    Vội vàng TV

    Duyên âm dane cove so hot.. Reaction. Pleassssssss

  • iris iris
    iris iris

    Mv: tự tâm

  • moon the
    moon the

    reaction cho người nước ngoài mà toàn người việt vô coi

  • khanh linh Nguyen
    khanh linh Nguyen

    Please react the "HOANG" project vid by Oops! Crew It's a dance cover video inspired by Hoang Thuy Linh songs. Hope you'll like it

  • Bá Hải
    Bá Hải

    Reaction " Tự Tâm " Nguyễn Trần Trung Quân. Thank you.

  • Quý Nguyễn
    Quý Nguyễn

    Please reaction metalhead Mercury - Ghostemane Thank youuuu

  • T4T AGAS_
    T4T AGAS_

    Hiểu được ẩn ý của video này hok bạn

  • Vien Mac
    Vien Mac

    Canh ba - nguyễn trần trung quân khá là hay. Bạn có thể thử xem nó

  • Như Bùi
    Như Bùi

    Thank you

  • Humper Doo
    Humper Doo

    Please do a reaction to those Vietnamese MVs please : Vietnamese rock : 7UPPERCUTS/DUMA SONG ー(OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) : visoft.info/hd/video/nahpa4jLo96Sr4hi 7UPPERCUTS × THỎ 7 MÀU/TINDER.101 ー(OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) : visoft.info/hd/video/03Zla4O2iM_X1Jo 7UPPERCUTS × CAM -【WAVE ALPHA】 OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO : visoft.info/hd/video/rqZ8mYiWlZ3PwmM Lenatic Bubble Gum Hipsters | Ôi tình yêu thật điêu (Melodic Punk) : visoft.info/hd/video/02qXoX6nYdDGu5Y (OFFICIAL MV) Chuyện Tình Trôi Mau - Lenatic Bubble Gum Hipsters | Lena Lena : visoft.info/hd/video/rpWae5bPh9jNq4g OFFICIAL MV// Lena - Niềng răng : visoft.info/hd/video/rpx8roXUj66srow Black Infinity - The Secret (Official Music Video) Rock Viet & Planet Metal : visoft.info/hd/video/2oCknGSep9qkpJo EM OII - The Flob (Official M/V) : visoft.info/hd/video/q6uFhqKXZq7I0KY CHUYỂN KÊNH (sản phẩm này không phải là thuốc) : visoft.info/hd/video/qnSSjIiaqJu61GM Vietnamese rap : [OFFICIAL MV] TRUNG THU THỜI ĐẠI - SÂU ft JACK & JOMBIE | G5R : visoft.info/hd/video/t6igd4CrgLrarow [MV] GIAI ĐIỆU MIỀN TÂY - Jack (G5R) : visoft.info/hd/video/mYKKnHzFmrCZnJ4 Cô Gái Miền Tây | Jokes Bii x Fay x Sinike | Official Music Video : visoft.info/hd/video/yWGGnqGbZ73E2Z4 ĐÂU AI HIỂU EM | LYKIO | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO : visoft.info/hd/video/s3irp4Ldka-srHg V-pop girls bands : Niji Universe Inc. 虹ユニバース - Ai'm Loving You 愛'm Loving You (ALY) OFFICIAL MV : visoft.info/hd/video/23SIjKWZnMizsnw 【OFFICIAL MV】HEAVY ROTATION / SGO48 : visoft.info/hd/video/3oerfWvHd8u0rJY 【OFFICIAL MV】Koisuru Fortune Cookie - Thất Tình Tích Cực - SGO48 : visoft.info/hd/video/1KV6i3ndcpmYrmM LIME - BABY BOO Official Music Video 4K : visoft.info/hd/video/tHuvbanRd7m3mHg LIME - Đừng Vội (Take It Slow) Official Music Video : visoft.info/hd/video/koWcjGmonMuyqmM V-pop boys bands : 1) 365daband (2010-2017 - was the number 1 band in Vietnam) 2) UNI5 (2016-present - is currently the number 1 band in Vietnam since the end of the 365daband in 2017) 3) Monstar (2016-present - is currently the second most popular band in Vietnam) V-pop solo singers : SƠN TÙNG M-TP | HÃY TRAO CHO ANH ft. Snoop Dogg | Official MV visoft.info/hd/video/0J-PbWDeZ76ZtXg LẠC TRÔI | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO | SƠN TÙNG M-TP visoft.info/hd/video/sZ2vb4SckdC00mc TỰ TÂM - NGUYỄN TRẦN TRUNG QUÂN | OFFICIAL MV : visoft.info/hd/video/mXitiJLNZ5rXyYw CANH BA - NGUYỄN TRẦN TRUNG QUÂN x TRIPLE D | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO | TỰ TÂM 2 : visoft.info/hd/video/mpVuf5yync-zvJo Chi Pu | MỜI ANH VÀO TEAM (❤️) EM - Official M/V (치푸) (16+) visoft.info/hd/video/ppmGg6C2pa3Wwms Tiên Tiên - Say you do (Official MV) : :ww.visoft.info/hd/video/s3ufjoqoobjJs3g Tiên Tiên - Đi về đâu [Official MV] : visoft.info/hd/video/2WiuiaSwj5fQlWM Tiên Tiên - Về Với Em Đi [Official MV] : visoft.info/hd/video/vp6OsKPFddKqtKo ĐÂU CẦN MỘT BÀI CA TÌNH YÊU / Tiên Tiên x TRANG / OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO : visoft.info/hd/video/1qaro3u6Zduw2Ko Korean singers singing in Vietnamese : Love You Want You - Lip B (4K Official MV) : visoft.info/hd/video/tWJunY3aj76qxWM Lip B | SỐ NHỌ (BAD LUCK) | Official MV 4K : visoft.info/hd/video/yXKLrpLNirqZ02s HAN SARA | TỚ THÍCH CẬU FT H.H.N | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO : visoft.info/hd/video/uGKMp2Wykd_Iu4Q HAN SARA feat TÙNG MARU | LỠ YÊU MẤT RỒI | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO : visoft.info/hd/video/zKFxfnXYka-y0og HAN SARA | MÌNH HẸN HÒ NHAU ĐI | FT H.H.N | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO : visoft.info/hd/video/uV6DY5yaZc3cqXQ HARI WON 하리원 - 'IT'S YOU' | Official MV 신곡 : visoft.info/hd/video/zWqiqJKpetPY3KY Con Gái Có Quyền Điệu | Hari Won | Official Music Video : visoft.info/hd/video/m3qggpKTgNqm26o Hari Won | Tình Thân Là Mãi Mãi | Official MV : visoft.info/hd/video/qJt5h4fFnqivt3g SOOBIN X JIYEON | Đẹp Nhất Là Em 우리사이 [Official MV] : visoft.info/hd/video/s4lqbX_Meb_W2Zo Hot&Good | JIS | Nhạc trẻ hay : visoft.info/hd/video/2ZSZmpi9qKeamGM Em Ở Đâu - Jis | Official MV : visoft.info/hd/video/ynWRgayTl9yomnw Good Night - Juni ft. 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  • Quân Nguyễn
    Quân Nguyễn


  • Don Man
    Don Man

    Please react to "ĐÃ ĐẾN LÚC | Soobin Hoàng Sơn x Slim V". I guarantee you'll like that song

  • Nhật Duy
    Nhật Duy

    Now this song has subtitles

  • Cam Do
    Cam Do

    I love ur reaction so much . its very professional. Can u pls reaction to Bet On Me by Suboi . its a vietnamse rap music

  • Đinh Quang Đạt
    Đinh Quang Đạt

    I think this MV from Vietnam is easier for you to understand it: Mưa hồng visoft.info/hd/video/y5qeoXvVp6bNuXg This is a contemporary art MV, I think it’s more suitable for a director like you. Hope you’ll enjoy it👏

  • Tùng Đàm Mạnh
    Tùng Đàm Mạnh

    Thank bro for enjoy Việt Nam ‘s music. I recommend a beautiful voice with beautiful music video. If you want, try it. visoft.info/hd/video/xoOinWnVg9e7mog Thank for your nice reaction, bro .

  • văn chu
    văn chu

    would you mind to react this song. This is the movie OST and there was a engsub already. I think this is a good song. visoft.info/hd/video/yGqqqIfOm9zQqIw


    inviting ghosts with song HOANG THUY LINH visoft.info/hd/video/p59uaqq3l6nGz6Y

  • Hảo Trương Minh
    Hảo Trương Minh

    I recommend u "Tứ phủ"- Hoàng Thùy Linh.

  • Red BlackWhite
    Red BlackWhite

    You can reaction”SHH!chỉ hai ta biết thôi”-Chipu( ^.^~💜)

  • Nè My
    Nè My

    The mv has english sub now :)))

  • Vuong Tran
    Vuong Tran

    I like your seriousness

  • tuan hoang
    tuan hoang


  • Mo Nguyễn
    Mo Nguyễn

    Thằng điên Jusstatee x phương ly

  • Dung Phùng
    Dung Phùng

    HOÀNG THÙY LINH đang ế lâu năm muốn tìm tình yêu đích thực của đời mình nên đã chọn BUPG để đi tìm tình yêu đó

  • Zoey Nguyen
    Zoey Nguyen

    To understand concept of duyên âm (previous life's destiny/relationship) I'd recommend you check out a video called Secret Fate by F.Studio first, as it's a concept exists in cultures which believe in reincarnation. visoft.info/hd/video/tZJ-gpW-j8-b2Hw This is a song about the "ghosts" who haunted Linh - sex tape scandal, keyboard warriors (obvs), backstabbing friends, horrible exes, etc., and how she has risen above those haunting obstacles.


    ông nội sài google dịch mà cũng k xong . Thua

  • Yin Mei
    Yin Mei

    Reaction "tứ phủ _ Hoàng Thuỳ Linh "

  • Phương Anh Đỗ
    Phương Anh Đỗ

    Reaction " Mặt Trăng" ❤️

  • Phát 0301 Kim
    Phát 0301 Kim

    pls react "Tứ Phủ - Hoàng Thùy Linh"

  • Nguyễn Anh
    Nguyễn Anh

    Reaction to her song called *Để mị nói cho mà nghe* please !!! U can heard the chorus of that song at the first of this song ! Its a good song so hope u will react it 🙏 Thanks

  • Trinh Diem
    Trinh Diem

    Để mị nói cho mà nghe


    You should learn Vietnamese now to better understand the lyrics. Thanks reaction. From VN with love

  • Thiện Nguyễn Thị
    Thiện Nguyễn Thị

    " ĐỂ MỊ NÓI CHO MÀ NGHE "- Hoàng Thùy Linh ,pls

  • Bảo Lê
    Bảo Lê

    Pls react MV "Để mị nói cho mà nghe" of her ❤

  • chuun

  • Si Sen
    Si Sen

    Reaction Để Mị Nói Cho Mà Nghe của Hoàng Thùy Linh đi anh

  • Elyn Nguyen
    Elyn Nguyen

    You r handsome director

  • Kaylee Nguyen
    Kaylee Nguyen

    Cảm ơn vì đã dịch sang tiếng Việt.

  • samerynout

    hello! thanks for your videos! You should look the clip of Bich Phuong ( the song '' BUA YEU") and SU BOI who is a really good female vietnamese rapper !!!!

    • David Elijah Piersaul
      David Elijah Piersaul

      Oh snap this is totally my next task. Thank you!

  • tung hehe
    tung hehe

    Can u reaction: nước mắt em lau bằng tình yêu mới ?? Pls

    • David Elijah Piersaul
      David Elijah Piersaul

      looking into it!

    • David Elijah Piersaul
      David Elijah Piersaul

      looking into it!

  • Khang Nguyên
    Khang Nguyên

    React Lover by Taylor Swift pls

  • Linh Do
    Linh Do

    The hell...!?! You put the vietnamese frase in english speaker.🙄

  • Hiếu Quang
    Hiếu Quang

    Please react video: "Để Mị Nói Cho Mà Nghe - Hoàng Thùy Linh"!!

  • YuZhou TV
    YuZhou TV

    The MV is simply about her life, she overcame it and has been like it is now

  • Đức Anh Nguyễn
    Đức Anh Nguyễn


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