Polo G - Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]
Polo G
Official video for "Wishing For A Hero" by Polo G featuring BJ The Chicago Kid.
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Produced by: The Superiors
Co-Produced & Arranged by: Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman for Gitty Music, Inc.
Additional production by: Priority Beats
Additional vocals by: Amanda Brown, Danielle Withers & PHER
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    Heartbreaking 💔

  • ybn lamont
    ybn lamont

    the dislikes on this dont add up there aint no negativity im sleep 😴

  • XRxvenge

    “They killed Martin for dreaming now I can’t sleep” 🙏

  • Nelson

    "We gotta make a change It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes. Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live And let's change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do What we gotta do, to survive" 2PAC

  • JudiahSC2

    2 Pac song still better. Sorry.

  • Cero

    I guess Pac was right, some things never change...

  • Sainey Singhateh
    Sainey Singhateh

    “Crazy how I love the same lock that tried to break me”

  • Martin Vargas
    Martin Vargas

    I feel you I’m not black but I’m Latino and we go through the same stuff so I feel you man 🙏🏻

  • Cee

    “government cutting checks but can’t catch a some slack” damn

  • BangDa King3
    BangDa King3

    He tellin the truth about living in black shoes and having to hustle to make it in the world

  • IlxxsFN

    why does the dislike button even exist on this channel

  • #YoungValakabon

    RIP George Floyd💙

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      Black's There Right And Also Whites LOVE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD

  • Yungdagger Dicc
    Yungdagger Dicc

    This might be the best and most meanful song in a while. Polo is a straight up revolutionary

  • Dxnyy

    R.I.P George Floyd 🕊

  • Fab

    2pac - Changes .

  • casey Ri
    casey Ri

    RIP George Floyd 🙏

  • Racellot

    About the song Flex : 0% Love : 0% Hates : 0% What happened to the world right now : 100%

  • jayden c
    jayden c

    This helps with all that’s happening too.

  • lil brax
    lil brax

    New 2pac❤️🌐

  • Vesicular18

    Rip George floyd

  • LmAo Sloth
    LmAo Sloth

    "its amazing how a legend from past time can make something good and then a legend from this time can make it greater"

  • Savagee Baby Livia
    Savagee Baby Livia

    Iconic artist haven't seen one in years

  • Romania Snippets
    Romania Snippets

    You finally made it big brother You are the goat 😭

  • Doxtrux

    Just when i thought racism was going down police fucks it up. (not that i think racism is non existing)


    you got my respect young man

  • Bromigo Lukas
    Bromigo Lukas

    Goat shit

  • Avoid mo
    Avoid mo

    black liver matter i am morrocan but i have a lot of black homies 🖤🖤

  • LittleRaindeer

    Like For #BLACKLIVEMATTER (RIP) George Floyd Sorry For What The Cops Did To You I'm Muslim And Black American And African I Will Be President And I Will Give The Black's There Right And Also Whites LOVE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD

  • DON OF Brand
    DON OF Brand

    Day 2 of crying to this because of George floyd's death

  • ItzD4rr1us

    Man I have a rough life, now I think people have way worse life than me.

  • Acroflux

    Polo G really is the best at expressing through his music

  • mina Gold
    mina Gold


  • Icyyy

    This slaps different 💯 it’s always been polo g year. I think 2018 but 2019 and 2020 is his year and the rest of the years that are coming will be his year too💯

  • Ynw.LilGreen

    He always been a goat 🐐💞💫

  • ArminDa Mkno1
    ArminDa Mkno1

    It sounds like changes from 2pac

  • Ash Mystic
    Ash Mystic

    Rip George Floyd

  • YMG Sosa
    YMG Sosa

    This song is my favorite song on the album. He is speaking straight facts throughout the whole song

  • Bloodline Wade
    Bloodline Wade

    Lil homie the king and I’m a rapper he got it he got the bars Von got the kill music from Detroit to chiraq much love

  • Dream Queen
    Dream Queen

    All i gotta say is i love it😌🙏🏽👏🏽


    bruh yall should take notes

  • Benjamin Ogunniyi
    Benjamin Ogunniyi

    Disliking this video is racism,if u don’t like the song move offf

  • Shamshir Hussain
    Shamshir Hussain

    Love the younger generation showing love to pac

  • Karlis Kruze
    Karlis Kruze

    Some things will never............... chaaaange

  • CrazyBear GG
    CrazyBear GG

    stand with u from Israel 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Jakub Borkowski
    Jakub Borkowski

    If polo g survives this shit he might just be the next jay z FUCK 12 RIP GEORGE FLOYD

  • Stabil&Startklar

    RIP our brother George Floyd

  • valenzy

    i aint even black and this touched my soul

  • Jason Hunter
    Jason Hunter

    Always makes the people FEEL.🤙🏽 powerful tool

  • Amir Chillin
    Amir Chillin


  • Blarried East
    Blarried East

    #"I can't breath💔" some things will never change

  • Adrian Törnroos
    Adrian Törnroos

    I get chills every time i listen to this

  • Leonardskinner69

    “it’s all a set-up, no wonder they call it a trap” 🙌🏽🥇🖤

  • ciphen _
    ciphen _

    Cold hard truth

  • Binyam Tesfaye
    Binyam Tesfaye

    To people who disliked this y'all can go to hell racist ass mfs

  • GMBCashBoiz

    Youngn wit the old soul 🙏💯

  • BottomBoy Davion
    BottomBoy Davion

    Who else thinks polo g should be in XXL 2020

    • GV Billy
      GV Billy

      Blew up already

  • Queyan Turner
    Queyan Turner

    He was trippin ❌🧢

  • MRVN Dallass
    MRVN Dallass

    RIP George Floyd "Somethings will never change"

  • Caleb Lawson
    Caleb Lawson

    If this doesn't win a Grammy I'ma be pissed

  • KennyJosef Hagan
    KennyJosef Hagan

    This guy needs to be up there

  • Jacob Enskär
    Jacob Enskär

    Pac would've been proud g

  • Luke Pitty
    Luke Pitty

    No wonder motanna of 300 felling him

  • Zeph Hunia
    Zeph Hunia

    speaking facts 👑💲 leeessss gooo polo g

    • Zeph Hunia
      Zeph Hunia

      imma play this over n over bro your doing so well giving back to the people that spoken words from the heart polo g is really speaking about his life, others talking about whats going on in the world 👑 speechless 👑 the goat polo g


    crazy listening to this then a week later george floyd yet another police brutality on us black folks

  • Chris Imes
    Chris Imes

    Pac Smiling Down...

  • Joe Fame Ebereh
    Joe Fame Ebereh


  • Aaron Cates
    Aaron Cates

    Album of the year??

    • Infamous

      GV Billy stop the cap i like polo g but there was 2 song that wasn’t it

    • GV Billy
      GV Billy

      @Infamous every song was a banger

    • Infamous

      GV Billy u tripping that’s a good rate it wasn’t a 10 let be honest here I’m pretty sure there was 1 or 2 song u dislike

    • GV Billy
      GV Billy

      @Infamous tripping

    • Infamous

      8.5/10 it was a good album

  • Nathan Vang
    Nathan Vang

    Bro, polo better win the Grammy for this fire song

  • FaZe AllyYT
    FaZe AllyYT

    This is fire dude

  • Kodak Fatt
    Kodak Fatt

    Polo is a goat in his own lane & you already know a song fire when BJ is on it .

  • eetswa lad
    eetswa lad

    why dose everyone think that only black people struggle, everyone has there own struggle and anyone can have a tough up bringing, a shit life dosen't discriminate on what skin colour you are.

  • Angel Medina
    Angel Medina

    This past week been crazy RIP George Floyd🙏🏽❤️Some things just NEVER change😖✊🏿

  • Diogo Mota
    Diogo Mota

    mannnnnnn, What a song

  • ltzBanKsy

    polo g is a legend. this song was fire. #blacklivesmatter

  • Gabriel Dawson
    Gabriel Dawson

    The Goat

  • Isaac Wilson
    Isaac Wilson

    man, if he can make a great song on a 2pac beat you know he got talent. he should get a grammy

  • Awesome Nick
    Awesome Nick

    Who's listening to this feeling bad about the floyd incident 😔

  • Sh4d0ww

    He better win a Grammy for this

  • YNW Bruh
    YNW Bruh

    He should win Grammy

  • JaWs

    R.I.P George Floyd. wtf is this earth?

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