The life of wheat! Which is your favorite food made from wheat?关于小麦的一生,你最爱吃哪种面食?
李子柒 Liziqi
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包子 凉皮 肉夹馍,麻花 面条 烤面筋…
As a child, I always expected the sound of “Ding-ding-tong” from Vendors selling rock maltose candy.
And grandpa would malt the wheat on his own to hand-pull maltose syrup for us.
From a handful of grain seeds to a basketful of wheat is a cycle of life.
Malt can turn into maltose, straws into hats, and flour into all divine combinations:
Steamed buns, cold jelly noodles, Chinese pork burgers, fried dough twists, noodles, and roasted gluten ...
What a treasure crop wheat is!

【李子柒 Liziqi 】

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  • يوميات الفراشة البليدية
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    COVID-19从中国传播到世界各地。 中国不承认这一事实。 现在,中国被世界所憎恨。 中国政府正在操纵这些信息,以便它不会传播给中国人。

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